SPERMATOZOA – The Act in Love-Making

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Jump into any class of Teenagers (in Church, in School, wherever) and say; “Sperm”. Watch their expressions, note the look on their faces…

Come with me, we are about to make another jump.

Jump into a gathering of nonagenarians, this time with a show. With your right foot sliding forward and the left swiftly following and with a whooooosh sound; mouth, ssssss-pppppp——eeeeee—–rrrr—-m! Now, you have to get a sphygmomanometer this time, something has surely happened.

Now, take a mirror and look at your face, what do you see? Tell me the first thought that crossed your mind when you came across this topic. Well, this determines (in part) where you are ending up (on Jesus’ right or on his left) – now that’s a joke. But, on a more serious note, it determines what you have been feeding your mind.


Now, who is this ‘Sperm’? What is ‘Spermatozoa’? Why this topic?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images-2.jpg
Spermatozoa swimming towards an Ovum (Egg)

Spermatozoa are the mature motile male sex cell of an animal (in this context an Adult Male or a boy who has attained Puberty) by which the ovum (female egg) is fertilized, typically having a compact head and one or more long flagella for swimming. Sperm (or spermatozoon) is the singular form of Spermatozoa.

The Yorubas (a Predominant ethnic group in South-Western Nigeria, West Africa) call Semen ‘Atosi‘, literally ‘a liquid that is urinated‘. Quite close, right? This liquid that is ejected or released from the Penis during ejaculation is called Semen and contains millions of sperm cells (Spermatozoa) in a healthy male that has attained Puberty. Semen is not the same as Urine. One cannot urinate and ejaculate at the same time.

Ejaculation occurs when the Male is sexually excited and can occur with or without an orgasm, with or without the act of love-making. Spermatozoa is capable of causing fertilization and the onset of Pregnancy if it comes in contact with ovum. This, in a bit explains the concept of “Pregnant Virgins” who become pregnant without engaging in Penile-Vaginal Sex and a ton of rejected pregnancies and abandoned children because Spermatozoa forgot its Act.


26Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. 

Genesis 1:26 (Good News bible)

21Then the LORD God made the man fall into a deep sleep, and while he was sleeping, he took out one of the man’s ribs and closed up the flesh. 22He formed a woman out of the rib and brought her to him.

 23Then the man said, “At last, here is one of my own kind — Bone taken from my bone, and flesh from my flesh. ‘Woman’ is her name because she was taken out of man.

24That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one.

25The man and the woman were both naked, but they were not embarrassed.

Genesis 2:21-25 (Good News bible)

“The man and the woman were both naked but they were not embarrassed. They will be like us and resemble us”

So, this was God’s plan; that we will be like him.

How is God? He is selfless, Almighty, omnipresent, can do all things. The Yorubas call him “Oba to ba lori ohun gbogbo” – the King that has dominion over all things. His plan is that we will be selfless, almighty, omnipresent, be able to do all things; that we will conquer the earth and subdue it.

While He made the first Man and Woman, it was His desire to give us a share in the Procreation story, so that He does not keep creating every Human being but that through the power he gave us, we may continue the Creation Process. So, in the Male Gender, He put the Spermatozoa and in the Female, He put the ovum.

Now, hold tight because we are about to ‘shake up and destroy this table’ like kilonshelegangan…

In Nigeria, ‘shaking a table that has people sitting on it’ simply means revealing an unsettling truth which otherwise, noone is willing to talk about.

So, God entered into a partnership with you.

Here is the deal; He has given you keys to a large factory. In this factory are billions of raw materials that will last you a lifetime. The raw materials being your spermatozoa and the factory being your Male reproductive organ. The Key being “the Power to control your Male reproductive organ“.

The deal is to take out the raw materials under two circumstances ONLY:

1. that you have found ‘one of your kind that you believe is the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh‘ whom you are willing to LEAVE your father and mother and become ONE with; your wife.

2. for the purpose of procreation; to be fruitful and multiply; to be co-creators with God in the conjugal union of husband and wife, to bear children.

Spermatozoa’s act is in love-making with the wife for sensual pleasure and with the wife to bear children.


Man signed this deal, he entered into this Partnership with the Creator who has been gracious enough to give him his status even though He is greater than him in all things.

Here, things get a little complicated; the lock to the factory is porous, apart from the Key he has given you to open this factory, there are other things (not keys essentially) that can unlock this factory, but you and Only you have the Keys and determine who gets access to this raw materials. How are you securing the factory?

How is your Spermatozoa acting in love-making?

  1. Masturbation– is the stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure. This will lead to ejaculation. Spermatozoa are released for what? into what? on what? You release your raw materials to gratify your desire. The pleasure that should be enjoyed by two and designed for two you usurp and take all by yourself. In this, do you find a likeness with God. By this act, are you selfless? You were sexually excited and had an erection, you decide to indulge in it; are you almighty if you do not have power over something as small as your own emotion? He gave you dominion over all things; how do you dominate a hand that has wrongfully assisted in gratifying your sexual desire? Are you aware that if you get an erection and you ignore it, you will lose the erection naturally?

Case 1 Scenario: One evening, I was relaxing with some friends in front of my hostel, then, came along, this dude. The guy was tall, handsome, clean-shaven, properly dressed, cultured (or so I thought). In truth, I have always liked slim, tall guys especially when they are clean! (*covers face and runs away*). We got talking and even though I was not one to get easily swayed, this one got my attention, I laughed at his jokes and thought, Okay, we could be friends. So, this evening, he called to tell me, he wanted us to go out and I thought, why not? So, he came to pick me in his car, his car was clean too (good for my overly-sensitive nose). On our way, he made a detour at Ijebu-Igbo (Ijebu-Igbo is a community in Ogun State of South Western Nigeria). So, I asked what was going on, he said he had to quickly pick something from his house. I thought that would not be a problem and gave my assent. So, he parked in front his house and made an excuse for me to come in with him and I thought what’s the big deal? This good-looking, soft-spoken gentleman will not hurt a fly, so I went with him. We had only just stepped in the room, when… (hahahah, I am not completing this story here. )

2. Premarital Sex: To enjoy conjugal bliss, the first criterion is; “the man leaves his Father and Mother and clings to his wife”. The Second is; “and the Lord blessed them”. It is only after these two conditions are fulfilled that; “25The man and the woman were both naked, but they were not embarrassed.” So, have you left your Parents? Oh Yes! You live alone, have you clung to your wife? Have you both been blessed and given the charge to be fruitful and multiply, to subdue the earth and conquer it? Simply put, your Parents must be aware that you are taking the woman as your wife, then, God will bless your union through his Minister. After these have been completed, you consummate the marriage and initiating the the marital act. Each time you go naked before any woman, you have contravened this simple law and contracted a marriage with that woman. Are you still wondering what’s happening in your life? God has said you are like him, are you wondering, why you cannot even perform the simplest of tasks successfully? Why nothing seems to be working out well for you. Please ask; “What is the role of my Spermatozoa, the act in love making?

We make jokes with this and even include it in the lyrics of popular songs these days. “What’s your body count?” More like, how many have you married due to ‘loose-guarding’? women consecrated to gods? to deities? covenanted women?

How many men have lost their divine destinies and the right and privilege to be called men because of this momentary pleasure?

Dear woman, how are you helping the man?

Case Scenario 2: So, I was still a teenager when I got into University, I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to date any guy until I got into University. I wanted to be sure I was on my way to achieving something before engaging in frivolities. I attended “an Only Girls” boarding Secondary (High) school. Whenever we were on holidays, during morning prayer sessions, Mummy will go through the list of diseases one could get through engaging in premarital sex; the one that scared me most was the; “Cervical cancer” and the way Mummy will say it (*tear drops*). My elder sister got into University before me, we attended the same boarding house; she came back with tales of how guys mistreated and dumped girls after “having their way with them”; engaging in the marital act. In S.S. 2 (Grade 11), I had gotten fed up of the gory tales, so I took a vow of Virginity until the marriage bed (hahahah, easy right?).

No, in fact, very difficult! It is easy to make tall dreams, take vows and make promises when you are within four walls that has restricted access to the opposite sex; the male Gender and when you are constantly been watched and monitored like a Hawk while at home during the holidays.

So, I got into University and met my first boyfriend in the first month. In addition to being tall and handsome, he was very cute. I loved the fact that he was more exposed and a little more civilized than I was. He knew the designer brands, the best perfumes and all that. Even though he was still in first year, he was already a big boy and lived where the big boys lived! I was enamored of him and he became my ‘Baby’. Hahahah.

Well, I went into a deal with my baby and told him about my vow and like almost every guy will say, “no problem, I agree”. It began with good bye kisses, then hugs, after a very short while, none of this could satisfy my baby any more o, baby wanted to engage in the marital act. Hmph! I have always been the blunt one, so, I told him; “let’s get married, We love each other right? We will get married and continue schooling.” No, Baby wanted none of that, we were too young. Later, baby started emotional blackmail, he will not pick my calls, refuse to visit me and to be honest, I will cry and cry and beg him; one day, he was like; “You are not ready to give your baby what he really wants”. So, one day, I decided to strike a deal with him, I asked him;

Me: “What will you give me if I sleep with you?”

Baby: give you how?

Me: Something I can look at and say; “I lost my virginity because of this thing”

Baby: You are not a Prostitute, only prostitutes take benefits for sleeping with people. You will sleep with me for Love

Me: Let’s get married, so we can sleep with each other as many times as possible and if I get pregnant, you know the baby is yours and we can both take care of the baby together.

(****End of discussion****) Ija la fi tuka

It was not easy losing him, he was my first Love. But, I made up my mind from a young age to help not only myself but also my Partner.

3. In a Petri-dish in a lab: IN VITRO FERTILIZATION! In a laboratory’s Storage? While it is good to have children, the sole purpose for marriage was not procreation. if you go back to the texts quoted above, God already blessed the couple, they already became one, children was and is a blessing to Marriage not a necessity of Marriage. Let no one shame you or bother you to the extent of thinking that you are incomplete without a Child. You and your wife are complete by yourself! So, why the desperation?

What shows the God in you? What right have you to take the raw materials out of the factory and store them in another factory you have built? Was that the deal? You go ahead and scream and shout of how you are being swindled or betrayed or back-stabbed or defrauded or duped? Ask yourself; Kilonselegangan.

4. Sperm Donation: And you who sell your Spermatozoa for money?!!! “Eleda o! Eledumare Orun Ohun aye” We donate in the laboratory and drop our features. This Spermatozoa was donated by a Man who is 6ft tall, has blue eyes, well-built, chocolate-with-caramel topping complexion.

Aha! Was that part of the deal? Was it part of the contract? Were you asked to put the raw materials out on auction in a highest bidder fashion? So, a woman that has most likely married another woman but desperately wants a child could go to the laboratory to shop for her desired specifications much like we shop for groceries? A woman that has decided she does not want to be married too can go to shop her desired specs too in a child and take in through a process called; “IN VITRO FERTILIZATION”. Ah! E maa je ka b’aye je, b’orun seje! (do not be extremely wicked!). I will wait for you to mention one human being that was castigated or did not fulfill destiny in history just because he or she had no child. You are man, are you mastering your actions. God has made you head on all fronts, even your spermatozoa has a head! So, What is wrong with you? What price is worth fathering a lot of children who you will never meet all over the world. One day the children you have when you finally decide to become one with your wife and your “for sale/laboratory” children will meet and begin an incestuous relationship they have no knowledge of because of your mistakes and you will wonder why it’s difficult to get a breakthrough?! koju maa ribi!

Where do we go from here?


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