“Before I formed a word, you knew it, Lord” (https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/daily-readings), this struck me.

And I am thinking;

If God already knows what is on my mind, why can he not:

  • stop me from committing sins
  • stop me from walking in the paths of unrighteousness
  • stop me from regretting relationships that failed
  • stop me from worrying about the future
  • stop me from weeping over my loved ones who died
  • take sickness away
  • give me plenty of riches
  • spare my loved ones from war, danger and disdain
  • keep the earth happy and going according to his plan

…and a mirage of other thoughts.

Now, I think about it, I have come to the realization that; what will make God, God, if everything was perfect. Now, let’s put this into a proper scenario.


Now, my name is Ajayi Agnes Aina. I am a ‘tie and Dye’ Artist. I live in the renowned Egbaland; awon Omo Olumo in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

On the flip side is Olusegun Olugbenro; a farmer in the indigenous Idanre hills, in Ondo state, Nigeria.

On the one hand, I need sunlight to dry out my new patterns which I have just made. On the other hand is Olusegun, who desperately is in need of the rainfall for a bounteous harvest, which would feed his community and earn him some revenue.

Now, you, dear reader, for a moment, take the position of God and tell me what you are sending from your heavenly Store room; Sunlight for me; Ajayi Abosede; your beloved (afterall, I do your will and tell others about you😋) or rainfall🤨 (who is Olusegun by the way? All I know is I have heard Idanre people are wicked and remember dear God, so many other people plant yams, remember, Olusegun’s farm is not even the biggest and can serve just a fraction of the people, remember, I will pay donations to your Church and cater to the homeless and fatherless…)

Hey! Snap out of your reverie! You were God for a moment. What did you send? How did you resolve the matter at hand?

This is what goes on many at times in our lives, now raise the power of Ajayi Abosede and Olusegun to the over 7 billion worshippers in the world and you are just one God🤔

I believe this goes on to explain everything. This is why God in his wisdom informed the Psalmist to tell us;

before a word is formed on your tongue, I know it

that we may not only be confident, but that we may be reassured, that we may develop a form of Godfidence; that will not only reform us but will make us to always listen to him and Obey him.

For, Obedience is the Sole purpose of the Christian religion.


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