In the first week of November, 2019; I had an issue with a customer’s order. So, I sought my Parents’ assistance.

My parents asked me; “what is your profit on this transaction?” I guess they decided to ask me because of the way I was stressing over it.

I responded; “it is not about the profit or about the money I will make on this transaction.”

Mum retorted something in the neighbourhood of; “what a fool?! Who does business without counting profit? So, you will just stress so much over this without considering if it’s worth it?” My father added; “Well, what your mum is trying to say is; “if it’s not worth it, then let it go, you can refund the money to the customer, let him go somewhere else.”

I responded; it’s not so much about the profit, it’s about my name; “the Wehla M name.” People see me as a “last bus stop“, they see Wehla M as an ‘option of last resort’, they believe that if every other place fails, Wehla M will not fail. I have a reputation to maintain…

Well, I will launch my latest (and final business venture, I hope); “THE WORD LOGISTICS” within the next three weeks. Find out all I already do here;

My Shop is located in Ijegun (Igando Local Council Development Area), Lagos, Nigeria; an area where many people dread visiting especially during the rains. Many people claim; “Ijegun is quite far”.

Well, we will be taking this Ijegun to the world by launching our very own Logistics company; “The Word Logistics“. With this launch, we will not have to endure long hours of waiting for the courier to come pick our packages while ranting about the terrible state of our roads.

We will be sending not just our own packages, but also the packages of business people around here (at a token) who have not been able to bridge the distance between their shop’s location and their customers.

At the point I was most broke and had accumulated debt, I started this blog. I have had visitors from over 22 countries and I am most grateful for you all.

Thank you so much for your great support, dear viewer.

I am grateful for the baby steps.

Now, I think it’s time to relax and watch all my babies grow.

I am grateful for my father, please say a word of prayer for him

We will be celebrating his 70th birthday on the 1st of January, 2020
Image may contain: 2 people

He is ever ready to spend and expend himself for me, my mum, who comes to my aid each time I am in trouble and my friend; Mrs. Oluyemisi Oguntimehin for being such a great support system.

Wehla M Stores already has a name, a name many people can trust when buying from Nigeria. We are verified by Google and

You see, you will find our footprints all over Nigeria and some other nations.

Now, it’s time for this money to reflect in the account…

Wehla M Stores
This is the kind of stress we go through at times to send packages to our customers. see me looking like one ‘them guys’

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