So, a non-Catholic attends the Catholic Mass and sees some people in flowing robes bowing before the ‘Pastor’. Before he could take in the shock, the same person bows before a stone altar!

What?! Later the Priest kisses the book after reading from it! What is happening here? Are we on the same table? Are we all Christians? Later, some people are going to receive Communion and kneel to receive the Communion in their mouth! These Catholics have lost it o! I mean what is happening here?! And if he is ‘fortunate’ enough to witness the incensing of the Altar? He will probably run out or cough or ask if he is in a shrine.

I have witnessed all of these first hand as; you can not be close to me and not attend Mass at least once.

The look of surprise on the face of a non-Catholic attending Mass for the first time

This write up will focus on;

The Priest, the Altar and the Lamb of Sacrifice

This tells us that Jesus Christ is the Priest, the Altar and the Lamb of Sacrifice. Ahnahn, how come?

At the Holy Mass, it is believed that Jesus Christ is the Priest (the Reverend Father celebrating the Mass), that Jesus Christ is the Altar (the Altar on which the Reverend Father that is celebrating the Mass prepares the gifts), that Jesus Christ is also the Lamb of Sacrifice (that is the bread and wine that is offered up, which then becomes the body and blood of our Lord).

The gifts here being the Bread and Wine; while God could have transformed any other item into his body and blood, he chose bread and wine; the work of man’s hands, thereby making man a perpetual participatory entity in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass for all eternity.

How does one Person; a man as much as he is God serve a tripartite purpose at the Holy Mass?

Image result for st. padre pio offering up the Host
St. Padre Pio (Priest, Stigmatist)

Now, I imagine you are rolling your eyes and saying; “well, is he not God?”

He is, but it goes beyond that. I will invite some of my Priests’ friends to come and contribute to this narrative in the comment section.

Next time you attend the Catholic Mass and you see the Mass Servers/Lectors/Choristers or any other person bow before the Priest, genuflect before the Host (the bread which becomes the body of Christ following the prayers of Consecration) or before the Altar, learn today that they bow before Jesus Christ; THE PRIEST, THE ALTAR and THE LAMB OF SACRIFICE.

Now, you are rolling your eyes again and probably saying; “Why must things be this complicated? abeg, I will pass.”

Image result for mi o le wa ku

Well, it invokes in one an awareness of the Sacredness of the celebration to which you have been called as participants along with many others. It invokes in one an awareness of the Divine.

While Religion is not God, it is a Vehicle that leads us to God.

Once, so many years ago (2013); I attended the Osun-Osogbo festival, I chronicled my experiences here , I have republished it here; .

Please do not copy or use any of the images in this text as these are real life images of real people. Thank you.
One of the Priests I met at the festival, he gave me permission to take his picture even without asking him. Why? I knelt to greet him. He was surrounded by his followers; one of which acted as his Spokesman.
You see the red and blue covering in the centre which everyone is protecting? The covering is draped on top of the Calabash bearing some gifts and Sacrifices being borne a lady called “the Arugba“; a Virgin Maiden selected to bear the sacrifice for the goddess.

Now, people come from the world over for this one festival, people believe that praying by the river religiously would proffer healing properties, confer miracles and work signs and wonders. It’s at the end of the ceremony, at dusk, the Arugba leaves in procession accompanied by worshippers, tourists, mogbomobranch, Priests, Security, Priestesses, etc. who protect the Arugba and ensures she doesn’t trip amidst the admiring crowds as she sways from side-to-side in trance-like motion.

If the traditional African worshippers can take so much time and reverence in worshiping a goddess (of fertility as it is widely acclaimed among the devotees) and dedicate a Virgin to bear Sacrifice for her; how much more you? You, who know and consider your God to be the Supreme God? Now, please what is your attitude when you are in your own Church?

I know and I will tell you

You are chewing gum (because you want your breath to stay fresh), you are replying your messages (because the Pastor is taking too long preaching his sermon), the Choir is boring, you want people to see what gorgeous attire your fashion designer has just come up with (awon slay mama), you are eyeing that rich man who is looking for a contractor, watching his every move to ensure he doesn’t suddenly disappear from the Church (as Man must chop now, pikin dey house, family sef dem dey), you are checking to see if your beards connect (awon beard gang). How many people have you invited to worship in Church? Has anyone traveled from outside your Country to follow you to Church? Do you protect your Church’s teachings and doctrines? Do you allow your friends misbehave when they come to worship at your Church?

Na so one of my friends wey dey go ECWA follow me go Church one day. Na so e reach time for Communion, na so Omo geh wan go receive o. Schwe! see trouble o, Na so Omo girl tell me say she done dey receive Communion for her Church o.

Na so one of my friends wey dey go ECWA follow me go Church one day (during the Paschal Triduum, this is the best time to attend Mass at the Catholic Church as a non-Catholic). She had participated actively all through the Mass as I make sure to go with an “Order of Mass” booklet and a bulletin when I have non-Catholics worshipping with me. Na so e reach time for Communion, na so Omo geh wan go receive o. Schwe! See me, see trouble o, which kain gbege come be this na? Na so Omo girl tell me say she done dey receive Communion for her Church o. Ah! Omo girl! the Communion you dey receive for your Church and this one no be thesame o. For you to receive this Communion, you must first “Profess the Creed” o, make I no even start with talk of Catechism, it took a lot of convincing and my eyes roving round (like a roaring lion looking for who to devour) to keep my friend from receiving Communion that day o.

Ah! E wa gba mi from this Omo girl

Well, the Catholic Church (iya o ni gba, Iya ti o gbagbakugba) has protected and maintained all of these traditions (2 Thessalonians 2:15) as handed down by the Apostles for over 2000 years and over several generations and will not allow anyone tamper with or destroy them.

Till tomorrow morning, the Church still stands, despite all the accusations and counter-accusations that have rented the air that; “Catholics are Idol worshippers”.

#doyourownmakeidomyown #heavenlyrace

Image may contain: 4 people, outdoor
That’s me at the Osun-Osogbo river, the children thought I was a Princess and wanted a picture with me, I could not refuse them. Inset is the river and some proud worshippers praying at the bed


  1. Catholics are not idol worshippers. Making representations of what they believe does not translate to worshipping idols.


  2. Catholics and Idols!

    Entering into any Catholic church, you fight the temptation of condemning catholics. You see all sorts of statues; representing Jesus Christ, Holy Mary (Mother of God) and other statues appropriate to the saints after which the particular church is named.

    Your confusion (as a non catholic) reaches a crescendo when you see catholics genuflecting! Ewaade gave us enough message on who is being bowed for. Jesus Christ! But, in addition, catholics are taught humility. When you see a statue, your mind flies to the personality who lived holy life, accepted earthly sufferings to gain sainthood and become ideal person to be emulated. Such persons are
    behind the holy statues that you see in Catholic churches all over the world.

    But wait a minute, if you can reference the Holy Statues of personalities who lived and died over a thousand years ago, how can it be difficult to respect your parents, husband, wife, bosses at work, security officers on national (or international) assignment, etc.

    How many people (christians, muslims and traditionalists) have died because of arrogance and/or failure to give due respect to an authority. How many more people die daily for their inability to say sorry or forgive. Ability to resolve differences depends on your ability to properly appraise your situation and manage events issues with respect and totally submit to God.

    May the holy lives of saints guide us towards holiness and win for us eternal salvation, in Jesus name.


  3. Princess Aina. Why didnt you snap with the Mogbomobranch😂😂😂. That cracked me up oooo. Well you have said it all,it is an Heavenly Race.


    1. lol. It’s dangerous! Everyone is on a different kind of ‘high’. The Sacred Grove is a “UNESCO Heritage Site”. Whatever happens here, stays here, so as a tourist (not a devotee), you have to stay in line. They are aware of your presence, you garro respekt yahsef.


  4. I won’t take the catholic as an idol worshippers.. Religion exist before we are born .. we only grow up to listen to different story about religion .. but the question is Why is there only one God but different religion ?

    The world and the word is separate by L ..(Lies)

    Follow what’s you think it’s right in your own state of mind and not what you are being told … Cos only you will face your judgment in thy presence of God

    Thanks for the lesson today it’s brings another lights to what’s am in darkness of


  5. Awesome write up!
    Your subtle and beautiful blend of orthodoxy with creativity is quite captivating and instructive.
    I see a rise in the number of modern Catholic apologetics and am glad you are one of them. God bless you my Triple A!


  6. Christ the Priest became the sacrifice (The Lamb of God ) that was offered on the altar of Calvary for our redemption.
    Christ the Priest, the Sacrifice and the altar continues his Priesthood, his sacrifice and his offering (on the altar) through every validly ordained priest.
    Thus, every sacrifice performed on the altar by his priest re-enacts and recalls the very sacrifice of the lamb of God (who takes away the sins of the world) with its original redemptive efficacy.


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