Many people watching the video may think I am praying for a husband.

Me that I already have a husband, all that is left is to start living with him.

I am actually praying to be a billionaire, a billionaire like Oprah Winfrey that will make not only the Forbes list, but also the Time Magazine list.

A billionaire like Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola that will make money from being a Serial entrepreneur.

A billionaire like Jeff Bezos that will make money through Chain marketing and Merchandising.

A billionaire like Donald Trump.

A billionaire like Ned Nwoko, that will own a Resort; Disney world Standard and be an inspiration to Youths around the world.

A billionaire like Folorunso Alakija.

A billionaire like the Chief Rasaq Okoya, that will make my money from being an Industrialist.

I want to have money not just to have money but to have money to change the world; beginning with my local Ijegun community that is wrought by underdevelopment; bad roads, epileptic power supply, lack of basic social amenities, among others.

I look forward to the day I will search through google for; Ajayi Agnes Aina (Ewaade) and see;

Wife, Billionaire business woman, Writer, Author, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, mother.


Photo Credit: Google Images

How many billionaires do you know? Which of them inspires you? Why does the person you have mentioned inspire you?

If you could have a date with any of them, who would you choose to have a date with?

Me: Bill Gates

Even though he is not always number one, eventually, he always gets back to being number one. He is scandal-free. He has maintained his relationship with his wife. He is relatively ‘not social’. He contributes his money to many reasonable causes around the world even my Nigeria. He shares and maintains a good Spirit of Camaraderie with his fellow billionaires; I remember seeing him (in a picture) at Aliko Dangote’s daughter’s wedding. He appears to me to be very humble and lives a rather non-flamboyant lifestyle. He is rarely in the news and when he is in the news, it is for something positive. While he could have usurped the whole thing; he ensured his charity is named after his wife and him, “The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.” He has made and created his wealth by directing adding value to the life of the everyday man.

What will I say to him? “Can you be my mentor? I want to go through your GATES that I may always be able to pay others and my BILLS and be recognised world over as the only GATES that spins BILLS.”

I want to go through your GATES that I may always be able to pay others and my BILLS and be recognised world over as the only GATES that spins BILLS.”

Bill Gates (Baba for the Big Boys and Girls)
Teni – Billionaire


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