L.G.B.T. – B.A.N.T.E.R.

Once, I was privileged to be on a Sea cruise by Princess Cruises , it was a seven-day cruise adventure to the Caribbean Islands.

Their goal at Princess Cruises is to make sure you “escape completely“, I sure did!

With the bevy of activities on @Princesscruises which included; shopping, tours, excursions, shows, explorations, etc. that were set up onshore and offshore, I was set up for an unforgettable experience!

The activities were designed to be as exciting, as they were adventurous and ultimately memorable! Information about these activities went out in an interesting fashion too.

Information was disseminated through a channel called; the Princess Patter. So, armed with your Ship Map and the Princess Patter, you sure were destined to have a good time!

Every night, the Cabin stewards put some chocolates on the bed along with the Princess Patter; which contained all the ‘cruise activities’ for the next day. So, while the Princess Patter tells you the time and the location, the Map of the ship helps you locate the place.

So, on this fateful evening, I had received my ‘Princess Patter‘ and proceeded to tick off the activities I will most likely be interested in engaging in. So, I ticked an activity at 3:45p.m. (Check 3:45p.m on the 5th slide).

Yes! L.G.B.T. Get-together (not hosted). The activities on the ship were usually hosted by one of the members of staff. Why was this not hosted? This piqued my interest and tickled the inquisitive bone in my body. My hormones jumped into overdrive! I was ready to experience this!

Image result for excited emoji
To escape completely!

So, I dressed up and made my way to Tradewinds Bar, Deck 16 FWD. Little did I know that I had set myself up for a memorable encounter!

When I got to the entrance, I guess I was asked something like; ‘where is your partner?’ and I was like ‘Partner? what’s happening here?’ Only then was I informed who the get-together was set up for and what L.G.B.T. stood for!

woohoo! My bad! I retraced my steps. I really did not belong here.


In case you are still wondering, L.G.B.T. is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual. Today, it has other numerous attachments to it like L.G.B.T.Q., L.G.B.T. 2., etc.

Even though there was a dearth of knowledge concerning the L.G.B.T. about ten years ago, today, this is not the case, as more people are aware of the L.G.B.T.

As the people who identify as L.G.B.T. sef no go allow may person ‘drink water drop cup’? abi?

Persons who identify as L.G.B.T. have gone ahead to ‘claim rights’, just as in their wake, famous people and the children of famous people have come out to openly identify as L.G.B.T. Following suit, some of the morally decadent and unscrupulous celebrities of our time, even while being married to people of the opposite sexes, have gone ahead to lend their support and give ‘solid backing ‘ to the acts that make people identify as L.G.B.T. Don’t you find this a little uncanny?

Peop le who identify as L.G.B.T. have been very vocal in requesting people to accept the ways of thinking of an L.G.B.T. as a norm, sometimes taking such drastic measures as organizing large parades called the Pride Parades in different locations around the world strongly backed by the Media and supported by these influential figures.


You know, I am quite the enigmatic young lady and can perform a wide variety of activities, some of which people consider to be reserved for the opposite gender.

  • I started, manage and run; the “Wehla M Stores
  • I change and fix my light bulbs, my sockets, my door locks, etc.
  • I can fix my generator when it has minor faults
  • I can service my small gasoline (Petrol) generator
  • i don’t gossip or chitchat
  • I am more of a Solutions-provider than a Problem creator
  • I am very practical
  • I am superfluous with words
  • I do not divide roles or attribute responsibilities along the gender lines! I do me!

Now, this is just a clear example of how and why attitudinal tendencies should not be divided along the gender lines. The fact that a woman can do what a man can do and vice versa does not mean that their ‘Biological makeup’ is wrong, for the Creator makes no mistakes!

I remember once in Secondary school, it was time for our Manual Labour exercise, the Labour Master; Mr. Basil who also doubled as our Biology teacher assigned me a portion of land to cut, weed, sweep and properly dispose the grass.

As a teenager, I suffered severe menstrual cramps and at the point he assigned me, I was on my menstrual period. So, I pleaded with Mr. Basil to excuse me as I was having menstrual pain; his response will change my life forever.

He replied; “Are you going to cut the grass with your Vagina?! Come on, get to work!”

More than anything, everyone dreaded been flogged by Mr. Basil because he was merciless as he was ruthless and he had the full backing of our Principal; Mrs. M.B. Abolade.

I wept as I did the task, but eventually, completed it.

Today, My mantra is; If it does not require the Sex organ to be done, then I can do it because before I am Woman, I am first Human! #ewaade #thegodman #lgbt #womanknowyourworth

Many a times, people contacting me for the first time say; “Good day, sir.” I have gotten so used to this, I don’t bother correcting anyone anymore, rather, I focus on what you have to say; your reason for reaching me over your manner of address, it does not matter to me anymore.

Many people tell me outrightly; “God, should have made you a man.”

  • Am I a man? NO
  • Does God make mistakes? No
  • Do I get offended when people say this? NO
  • Do I ever wish I was a man? Oh No! I am sometimes irritated by the fact that I have to spend close to 1 hour if I want the perfect makeup done and that women can go on and on about something I consider to be completely irrelevant. It irks me! But does that make me a man? No
  • A huge percentage (close to 98%) of my friends are guys and some of them say; ‘come on! you are part of us!’ lol! Does that make me a part of them? No
  • Have I ever considered transitioning? No!
  • If it was legal in my country, will I transition? No
  • Have I considered been a Lesbian? Never
  • Do I have Lesbian tendencies or have I ever exhibited them? No
  • Have I been openly suspected of being a lesbian? Yes. When I was in University, I had a very close female friend, we were inseparable! It was from her I learnt to be girly, not that I was a tomboy but I wasn’t just girly. From her, I learnt to have the perfect makeup done, wear clothes that flatter my shape, to show some leg (I used to think I had ugly legs, so I never wore anything that revealed my legs, she made me wear my first miniskirt). To accept and enjoy male advances. I used to find advances irritating because I have a lot of male friends and I know the way they talk about ladies, I did not want to be the next topic of discussion at the pub. But did we have a Lesbian affair? No. I never even considered or had any such thoughts towards her. She was just a sort of ‘comfort zone’ for me, I loved how ‘sharp witted’ she was and how she had a response for everyone (without as much as moving a muscle). I am sure today, she would be called something in the neighbourhood of ‘Savage Queen’. I loved it! My savagery on a scale of 10 hasn’t even achieved a ‘2’ till date. The coconut-headed girl is still my friend till date!
  • Have I had a brush with Lesbianism? Yes

Have I been attracted to a girl before? Yes!

I see many of you like;

By attracted, I mean, someone I have developed strong feelings of affection for.

Case scenario 1

So, my mum sent me to a Boarding House for secondary school (High School). There, we were assigned rooms and a girl; two years our senior was assigned to us as our Room Head (a junior Prefect). She was tall, slim, dark, and beautiful. At a young age and a student herself, she was to take care of over 25 babies (younger students) and ensure we properly settle into school life. I admired her strenght. Even though she was from a wealthy background and highly sophisticated, she took care of us and was ‘particular’ about us. She liked me. I was very small, and could not do most of the chores the others could do, we also shared the same medical history. It was not long before I became strongly attached to her.

I really liked her and considered myself to be her baby as she was always there to protect me. When I got to S.S. 1, even though my mates had to attach ‘Senior’ to her name, she permitted me to call her by her first name because I was her friend and no longer ‘a Junior’. What did I do with this attraction? I became her friend, I ensured I called her even when we were on holidays. I stayed in touch and wrote her beautiful letters. She was very dear to me. What’s our relationship today? I do not even know where she is. Do I like her? very much! Will I like to ignite our old friendship? there is not much to it, but if I see her and she still possesses those strengths, why not?!


case scenario 2

We were the ‘most senior students’, we had liberty to do anything, after all, we now had people to send on errands. So, some of our mates began ‘smuggling’ romantic soft sell magazines (like ‘Hints’) and novels into the hostels.

It was the onset of Puberty for many of us and I can only leave to your imagination the depth of our young minds. It was at this point the School began to expel some students for engaging in the Lesbian act and many more were questioned for Masturbation.

What was the cause of this lesbianism? Was it because we were all females? Was it because many of us were already engaging in sexual acts outside the School and missed our partners? Or was it because we had begun to expose our minds through the consumption of pornographic and sensual content from Prints and thus; were eager to explore our sexuality?

It wasn’t long before I jumped on the bandwagon too; the Romantic soft sell Magazines readers Association.

I began with the less detailed magazines that will just brush or graze lightly the topic of Sex, it was enchanting! I loved it! It was not long before I became addicted! Goodness! I was hooked!

Those who were ‘feeding’ me these magazines will ask; ‘did you enjoy it?’ and I will be like; ‘Yes’. These magazines were so alluring, the writers managed to spin a web of tales excusing why they needed to give intricate details of the sexual act.

With time, I got bored of these soft sell magazines, I had been teased enough! I wanted to hear and learn of something deeper about this sex, after all, I wasn’t going to be practising it just yet or so I thought.

Soon, these people gave me what I yearned for (and for free too), we had to keep the magazines carefully concealed too. These ones were not only more detailed but were also ‘graphical’. They were not pornography. They were still regular magazines too, only that they explored the topic of sex with more eager determination than the ones I had been reading. All I noticed was that, while I read these magazines, they were so erotic that I could feel heat flush between my legs. What these flushes were and why I felt that way I had no one to explain to me.

One day, my friend came to spend the night with me at my hostel. Guess what? I had the desire to touch her!

eheheh! e done be

Now, I see why the school authorities frowned at ‘girls sharing beds’. The mattresses measured only about 6’×3′, so it was difficult for one person to turn without coming in contact with the other person.

I guess we were both perpetrators in this evil act; of reading these romantic soft sell magazines. I wanted to touch her, I did, and she made no resistance! In fact, she behaved like the Indian girls in those Bollywood soap operas (E.g. Twinkle and Kunj, Siddarth and Roshni), if you have seen an Indian television show (watch ZeeTV, you will understand what I am on about). It was a funny scene! We wanted to take it further o! but Electricity was restored! There had been a power cut prior to that time.It was like a scene out of a movie! Everything happened so quickly!

Now, let me shock you, it took another three years after this incidence for me to know ‘Children were not born through the Anus‘, another four years after these three years, to know that women in fact, had three openings in their Pubic region; The Urethral opening, the Vaginal opening and the Anal opening. One of them being the ‘Vagina’; an opening solely designated for the Sexual act, Menstruation and childbirth! The one for urine and the final one for passing out faeces.

Since, I was acting like the man; what do you think would have happened to that girl? I was clueless! I would have injured her!

I am sorry, but this is one of the reasons some girls pass by you and you cannot stand the odour! That odour is coming from somewhere deep within! Coming from inside of them! #lgbt #lesbianact https://ewaade.com/2019/11/26/l-g-b-t-b-a-n-t-e-r/

They cannot express themselves because they are too shy to give history, to explain ‘how it all started’. They cannot confide in their parents, cannot trust the medical Staff, cannot confide in anyone, so they just live with it! I am not saying that only those who engage in the Lesbian act have this odour, no! everyone who does not have a healthy Vagina has this odour!

Check the stores for the sales of antifungal, antibacterial and Triple action creams, check the stores for the sale of Gentamicin and you will be amazed! They resort to self-help, self-medication!

This may seem like some sort of joke to you but the scenario I painted above is the “initiation into L.G.B.T. ” of some ‘important’ figures you know today.

The next day, I sought out our Chaplain; Rev. Fr. Tony Anike (MSP) (check for Tony Anike on Facebook if you think this is a made up name). Fr. Tony is one of the greatest preachers I have ever met. One of the most caring preachers, Confessor and counsellor who shows not only love, care and concern but a great deal of empathy towards the ‘sheep’. He is one of the greatest teachers I have been opportune to meet. It was because of Fr. Tony I started taking ‘God seriously’, before Fr. Tony, I was only going to Church, so the Old Man up there will not throw me in hell fire and because my Parents had said to ‘go to Church because God is the Supreme being and He alone is to be worshipped’. Fr. Tony was the one who introduced me (us) to the act of ‘Deep meditation ‘, where you are able to shut out every noise coming from outside of you, become still and still all around you, such that you can hear the voice of ‘Him’ coming from within, from somewhere deep inside of you. Deep meditation is a self-destructive exercise that will not only heal your mind and soul but will help you to feel God.

I met Fr. Tony at the Basketball court. I went and whispered to Father Tony’s over 6 foot frame that I needed to have confession and counselling. Even though Father had just completed a game of basket ball; he stooped to listen to me and immediately excused himself from the courts! We walked to the lawns away from peering eyes.

Immediately, I knelt before Father, I burst into tears! I was a sinner, I have brought shame to my mother especially, who had spent so many hours in teaching and instilling good values in me. My mother never reads any magazine or romantic novels talk more soft sell! Father allowed the tears to flow without interruption. After I wept, I told Father; “Father, I almost committed the Lesbian act!!!” and burst into another round of tears.

After I managed to control myself, Father counselled me, and warned me to avoid every occasion of sin. An occasion of Sin is anything that will predispose you to committing a sin. In my case; it was the romantic novels and magazines and my dear friend. After the counselling, I had Sacramental confession.

Of course, that was the end of the closeness between the girl and me, it was not easy because I liked her and was more of an emotional and physical support to her because of her family background but our friendship had to go, she also did not want to be close to me any more, so it was mutual . Did we (the girl and I) ever speak about that night? No. Are we still friends? Yes.


So, after this, I have had female friends, I have had very close ones, but none of these thoughts ever crossed my mind again.

Look, each time you fall or make a mistake; that is, you commit sin, you get right back on track by going to Holy confession and Counselling.

See, the method the Devil uses in blackmailing us and ensuring we do not break free from sin is; Guilt! The Devil ensures he puts before you all ‘the evil things that even Priests do’, the devil reminds you of just how close you are to that person and how living life without them will be somewhat impossible, the devil reminds you that you have already fallen and will fall again, the devil places before you the new image of how the priest will begin to see you after confession, etc. The Devil takes advantage of this and uses this tactic to keep sinners from ever breaking free. I call it Guilt-Tripping.

Look, the Priest is not interested in your face or your confession or whatever, even He goes to confession, even the Holy Father, The Pope (God bless him) goes to Confession! We are all sinners!

The priest is bound by secrecy and can never reveal anyone’s confession even if it means his death! Say, for example; you have gone to confess to a Priest that you assassinated someone, you never knew the person you assasinated is actually the Priest’s father. If you attend the funeral Mass and even give a speech there, the priest can do nothing about it! He is bound by the OATH of SECRECY.

You see; in counselling and confession, a mirror (your conscience) is placed before you so that you are the judge of your own actions, such that you are able to condemn and convict yourself, and say with full conviction all that you have done to offend yourself (God), this exercise sets you free.

Confession helps you to stand, to stand up against the Sin and against the Devil; the father of lies.

The Priest only acts in the person of Jesus through his facultative powers which he receives from the Bishop (John 20:23) to forgive sins.

Not all Priests can hear confessions. Also, it is wrong for you to make confession to a Priest with which you have just committed a Sin.

Image result for keep a leash on your mind for what christian
The point is to watch what you consume, for; so you will will be! Keep a leash on your mind

Now, it’s time for us to get into a serious argument and I am ready, let’s go!

part two – BREAK FREE FROM l.g.b.t.

I stand (and boldly) too, declare before you today that Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Homosexuality, Masturbation and all their younger brothers and sisters are the devil’s lies!

if you do not identify as any of these, you can go back already.

I believe strongly that things don’t happen to me, rather they happen for me! I needed to have a brush with those magazines, novels and the Lesbian act, so, I can share this topic with conviction and from an informed perspective.

I know your first attack and first response to me will most probably be; “shut the f**k up! even your so-called Catholic Priests are doing it!”

I still declare before you that even this is a consolation from the Devil; the father of lies.

Then you will come up with something like; “get lost, I don’t believe in you, your God, Christianity or whatever! I don’t care! ” but you will still seat glued and read this article to the end, I promise you.


Banter means the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.

However, B.A.N.T.E.R. is a nouveau acronym which I have coined to mean Bolt and Nut Theory Explained Realistically.

Here is my hand;

Take it

Like I said, if you do not identify as L.G.B.T. go back, except you are a Minister and this would help your ministry. You are free to share this post but Please do not copy any part of this post without express permission granted by me. Thank you.

We are about to go into a spiritual warfare, a Spirit-filled and life-changing encounter.

First, I invite the Lord Jesus Christ to come and take pre-eminence over this discussion we are about to have. I pray that he will beam his soul-searching light into you, that you may be able to understand what it is we are about to do. All these I ask and pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

case scenario 3

This is me fixing this small Gasoline (Petrol) generator (for real). The first stage before fixing a generator or any machine for that matter is uncoupling.

You need to take the Generator apart, one screw after another, bolt after another, then one part after another.

Once the work is done, you need to couple the generator; assemble it to form a whole. So, if you were to meet me during the coupling process and you see me strafing a bolt to a bolt or a screw to a screw, what will be your first reaction? If we are close, I bet you will say something like; “are you normal at all?”



When two things have the ability to be coupled, they have the ability of becoming one with no third force. Look at the picture of the bolts and screws above; to join a screw to a screw or a bolt to a bolt, I must employ a third force.

What happens when the third force gives way? They are scattered, right? So, can we really say they were ‘joined’ in the first place?

So, how then, does the ‘consensual living together of a Penis and a Penis or a Vagina and a Vagina become coupling?’

How then, does the sharing of an apartment by a man and his fellow man or a woman and another woman become marriage?’

Can this apartment sharing be called a Marriage when the very essence of marriage has been truncated?

Marriage is foremost a Physical union between two people (a man and a woman) who have attained the age of reasoning and have consensually decided to come together and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together, living as husband and wife! In marriage, the Partners enjoy the freewill of expressing their love for one another in the conjugal act.

Please scroll down to the comment section to answer these questions without using abusive language, but words of reasoning and drawing from the Case scenario given above.


This second argument is still born out of the first one.

So, a man himself decides to share an apartment with you, a man yourself. I am sorry but I don’t know how Gay sex works, but I have been told it’s through the anal route.

Image result for anus

Image result for reproductive organ ,male
Image result for anus

Hey! come back here I say! where are you running to? We are in this together! So, let’s trace this. no matter how naive you are and ignorant of simple Biology, you will know the intestines have to do with food digestion, from the diagram above, the Anus is a part of the Large Intestine. Basically, the Large intestine is that organ in the body where unwanted food products are stored after the Small intestine has absorbed and further processed the one the body will need and sent it into the blood stream, the Large intestine absorbs the water from this food before they are passed out as faeces (poop) through the anus out of the body. The large intestine is like a sewer/a soakaway pit/…

No matter how much you wash your anus, it contains bacteria that live there as a part of the body’s normal flora.

Image result for yuck emoji

The anus, unlike the vagina is not self-cleaning, the anus unlike the Vagina is not as muscular and has thinner tissues. What are the ikely consequences of engaging in anal sex? you may;

  • suffer a tear
  • get an infection
  • get your colon pierced
  • contact a sexually transmitted infection
  • suffer an inability to hold your poop in (The rectal /faecal incontinence)
  • get anal cancer in the worse case scenario

I had the opportunity of meeting someone some time ago, there was this lingering odour (I have an ultra sensitive nose, so much that my friends say I can perceive somebody’s destiny with my nose) that was there every time he passed by me, he was constantly pulling his top to cover his butts. One day, we got talking and I got to discover.

If this was normal, why are there so many precautions to follow before you consider anal sex? and if you say there will not be a sexual intercourse then how is it a Marriage? In fact, a marriage is not valid until it is consummated! This is “Screwed” up!

I will be awaiting your comments in the comment section too.


This argument is for the L, B,

Almost every woman born, is born with a maternal instinct; that wanting to hold and cuddle a child. That longing to pamper someone; the desire to have someone gnaw and suck at her breasts.

Now, two females, “bolt away”; one out of the longing to be loved and accepted wholly, another because of the persistent heart breaks she has endured from men. One because she is very strong and can cater for herself, the other because of an affectionate longing to be with someone who is like her and can understand her; One because of the tendency to dominate, the other because of the tendency to be sheepishly submissive and all the others.

They begin to live together. Soon, the urge to have a baby comes up.

Image result for spermatozoa

God in his goodness has only destined the Male to be able to produce the sperm,

So, in this ‘living together of a girl and another girl’, you have the issue of two eggs coming together. No matter what tactics the two of them come up with, neither of them can get pregnant! It is physiologically impossible! So, they opt for IN VITRO FERTILIZATION or random sex with a random male and ‘pay him off for his Spermatozoa donation services’.

Question of the day: – So, in this ‘Falz’ marriage, who is the father of the baby? In the words of @falzthebahdguy; “who are you deceive, who do you kid?” Boosit by @cobhamsasuquo and Falz #boosit #lgbt #lesbianism

I believe one of the secondary purposes of marriage is ‘Procreation’. One of the Secondary purposes of marriage is to bear Children ONE CAN RAISE.

Think paternity issues that may arise from this sort of arrangements, think incest that may arise from your child meeting up and marrying one of your donor’s children (in real life). Think ailments that may result from medical family history, family background which you are unaware of.

Think, think of the consequences of this action! Think expenses you may incur on one IVF. Think of the possibilities of having a failed ‘IVF attempt’, think about the confusion, stress and pressure that may come from this.

By the way, whose name will the children bear? I have heard of instances, where some of the children bear one partner’s name and the other the other partner’s name and when they tell their mates in school that they are from the same family, their mates are looking at them like; why do you bear different surnames?

dem start to torchlight their matter

Then you and the other woman are in the Principal’s office fighting for L.G.B.T. rights! The Principal “bolts‘! You get fed up of the situation and withdraw your children to another school.

This time the children in the new school are asking your children; why it is only their mother and her friend who are always coming to the meetings… They will like to meet their dad too.

Worse case scenario, your sperm donor’s child and your children attend the same school! All three of them look so much alike, they could pass for Triplets! One day, his wife secretly takes a sample from your children and her husband to do a DNA! They match! How does the husband begin to explain to his wife that he has never seen or met you before, but his sperm has!

Husband is like; ‘It’s a little complicated’; wifey is like; ‘explain’!
Image result for running emoji
Ngwanu, bye

I see you are laughing now, but this is not funny at all!

If you decide not to go the ‘pregnancy route’, you decide to adopt!

Seriously! You have just ‘stolen’! Why? you have unscrupulously taken something from an institution you are unwilling to be a part of!

Sometime ago, I was opportune to meet a real life Lesbian. I say; ‘real life Lesbian’ because I believe the lesbians from the school settings most often are ‘victims of circumstances’.

She dresses like a man, looks like a man, walks like a man, talks like a man and acts like a man.

You know I told her; “You are so beautiful, I like your long hair and I like your voice.” I could tell from her reaction that she felt uncomfortable! Despite masking all her feminine tendencies, she was still female! Now, I am talking about a ‘play girl’ Lesbian, not the traditional ‘stick to a girl’ Lesbian, she haunted girls down and at will too.

You know the downside? She was always on one form of substance or the other.

To wilfully engage in these acts sometimes requests the ‘killing of our consciences’ and ‘the attainment of a certain level of highness’. Now, how can someone function normally in this state?

I will be awaiting your reaction in the comment section.


The Transexual

So, you wake up one morning, you have money in your account running into trillions of dollars. You have always wanted to be a guy, so you book an appointment with the surgeon to ensure your dream comes true.

Image result for female reproductive organ

So, Intrinsically while you are a Female, you will be a Male. Strange but true. So, it’s like going to buy Powdered Milk, and on getting home, you open it to find powdered Chocolate beverage. Your first thought will be; “How was this product so carefully adulterated? ” You may even sue!

You know, I don’t know why, but this reminds me of “Fayawo” and I do not mean to be rude. If you are offended, please pardon me. Fayawo are essentially smugglers who bring contraband goods into the country through the Nigeria-Seme border. Some others take this route because of their unwillingness to pay the normal customs duties. Still, others take this route because goods coming from this area are relatively cheaper because of the lower customs duties demanded by the country across the border at the Port of Cotonou, Benin republic. The Smuggler’s cars look like this;

Image result for fayawo
They need a car rugged enough to take the drive through the bushes especially if a shoot out occurs between them and the Customs officials, but they also need more space as this type of car is not built to transport commodities.

Surgeries and hormonal therapy continue almost through the person’s life time. While the person is never fully female, he is never fully male too and vice versa. I have heard that some men menstruate too. If you are wondering how; this is how. So, while being a woman, one will still exhibit properties and characteristics of a man and vice versa because of the inherent anatomy and Physiology.

The surgical procedures; much like dissecting a chicken, continue through the person’s life time and like the lab rat, even some new procedures are been tested out on you, by someone that has refused to change his own gender.

The pills you have to take, the follow-up consultation, the change of name, of wardrobe, etc. The life-long discrimination. Some people will not allow you compete in sports assigned for a specific gender; the fights and counter fights, still they will not allow you win! amd you begin to think; Why will I win at a match and get disqualified on the basis that I am Trans? Then, the other people who identify as L.G.B.T. will start up a war using up reasonable time, all for you!

The question to you is; “is it worth it?” We will lose peace and valuable sleeping time because of a decision you made without consulting anyone of us but of which we are inevitably made to be part of because your decision must be accepted as normal! Is it fair on us and on you?


The Bolt and Nut call to mind the perfect symmetry that can exist between a husband and his wife if they are properly ‘threaded and lubricated’ with the word of God. It calls to mind the perfect relationship that can occur and exist between two individuals; though uniquely different, so perfectly joined together that they are in need of a third leg or binding force because they are intricately bound together.

The man being the head; to love his woman and show her forth and to be her shining light everywhere they both go. The woman to support, respect, be submissive and to cherish her husband.

The Screw and the Bolt
Image result for female egg
The Female sex cell; the Egg
The male sex cell; the Sperm

The L.G.B.T. and the arbitrary decisions that stem from them seek to undermine the Sacred institution of Marriage and what it represents.

The artificial baby-making factory (IVF) have assisted in the promulgation of the falsehood that is sought to be spread by the L.G.B.T. In a bid to help couples seeking children, they have made the people who identify as L.G.B.T to flourish.

If this continues, very soon, there will be no sperm or egg to be cultivated, as the whole world will become ‘a man’ and ‘a woman’ for himself.

Image result for penis
The Male reproductive system
Image result for vagina
The Female reproductive system

It’s time to unveil! Uncover that mask!

Dear HUman,

You are a beauty! You are Priceless, your worth is far above Diamonds/Swarovski Crystals and the finest of pearls. Do not allow any depraved or deranged person (who will later come to beg you to carry a baby or nurse a baby for them) lie to you that being submissive to a man or living with him diminishes you. Do not allow anyone deceive you into believing that Women are a burden to live with. Never take on the burden of identifying as L.G.B.T

Find your perfect bolt, recognize your perfect Screw; become a couple and live in peace forever and ever in love.

Ire o

Boosit by Cobhams Asuquo and Falz Credit: 9jaflaver.com
Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce (via @talkglitz)

Hate and despise the act, Love whoever has identified as such because they are Humans and all humans are deserving of Love.

For Further reading;

Chastity and homosexuality

2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.


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