‘Delta’ was a household name in the 90s.

I mean; it was new to the market and the TV commercials were so alluring! We all wanted to look as beautiful and as graceful as those Delta models who graced not just the Annual calendars but also the Billboards placed at strategic points across the city.

I guess this was the genesis of the Endorsement culture.

On thursday, I had to make an ’emergency landing’ at my friend’s place. I got in the shower and sighted a Delta soap bar.

I thought; let me try this Delta soap since I have an idea of what it used to be like

So, I used Delta soap both in the night and in the morning.

Must I say; Delta Soap stays true to its ‘stay fresh’ slogan. Do you know that Delta soap kept me smelling fresh all day?! Delta soap is a soap, roll-on, deodorant and anti-perspirant rolled in one!

I think Delta soap can do better to increase the Glycerin content in the soap, but that’s about it!

For a soap that retails for about 140, I will give Delta soap a 90%.

From now, Delta soap joins the other soaps in my bathroom!

Kudos Delta!

Now, I can proudly say; “Stay fresh with Delta Soap’

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