Today, I decided to have more of Dr. Bola Are’s music and I came across this;

I listened to this and it inspired me to talk about; Relics.


A relic (the word comes from the Latin reliquia meaning: remains and relinquere meaning: to leave behind) denotes an object of a Saint or Martyr notably part of the body or clothes

Now, I see you rolling your eyes like; these Catholics have come again, but you will stay with me and together, we will learn about this.

Let’s examine the following Case scenarios


The first example that comes to mind is Elisha’s encounter with Elijah.

If you are a Christian and you are reading this; please check the second book of Kings , Chapter 2 (2 KIngs 2)

If you are not a Christian, please check here

So, let’s reason this; Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan only after Elijah hit the river with His Cloak, so let’s assume a part of Elijah’s cloak did not fall and Elisha did not get hold of it, how would Elisha have crossed the River back after Elijah was taken up to heaven?


Elisha died and was buried. 2 Kings 13:20

So, there is no argument about it, right? Elisha died.

In verse 21 proceeding from 2 Kings 13:20 , what happened? A dead man was ‘flung’ into Elisha’s tomb as the mourners sped off.

The mourners fled from the raiders the same way the residents of Ijegun&Abaranje of Igando L.C.D.A. of Lagos state have been fleeing from the ‘one million boys’ who have been ravaging and ploughing the area for over three months now.

When the remains of the dead man touched the remains of Elisha, the dead man came back to life. The remains of Elisha, his bones in this case are relics. #agbarajagbaralo #orukojorukolo #powerpasspower #powerjampower


You may still be of the opinion that; while power may flow from the bones or body of a Holy person who died, but the Clothes or items he touched are practically invalid. Now, let’s look at this;

Luke 8:43-48

Who touched me? For Power has gone ‘out’ of me

So, someone received healing just from touching the ‘hem of the garment’ of Jesus. So, even the clothes of and the Clothes that touch Holy people can transmit blessings.

You may go; that’s because He is Jesus now. But Jesus himself said;

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

John 14:12 (NIV)


One day, my very dear friend was on her way to submit her documents for ‘Promotion’ at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa when she lost the Original copies of all her important documents!

Alola bisau! Emi esu parada! Do you know how long it takes for Promotion to come in Civil Service? Then, you lose all your documents just when you are about to be promoted?!!

She was crying uncontrollably and ‘invoking the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua‘. She was praying and crying and searching for the documents, she quickly descended the long flights of stairs and began tracing her way back to the Car park and the route she came as she had gone to the Secretariat with Public transportation for some reasons.

The Lagos State Government Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja

After a while, she returned to the office, only to find her documents on the table.

She was told that ‘two Children’ had brought the documents to the office.

You may be like; ‘okay, so what’s the big deal?’ Please go and look at the picture of what the Lagos State Secretariat looks like.

Are you done looking at it? How did the Children know the exact office to submit the documents?

She was told that the children just dropped the documents right before she entered and she should have come across them on her way in. Did she see anyone? No. She quickly went out, asking people on her way out if they had seen them. My dear, no one saw them!

The disappearance of the documents, appearance of the children, reappearance of the documents and their subsequent submission remain a mystery till tomorrow morning.

St. Anthony of Padua is widely venerated in the Catholic Church and many other Churches around the world.

I think the only issue with St. Anthony is that, He has made many of us so lazy and so forgetful that we don’t bother looking for anything any more, we just invoke St. Anthony.


There are several misconceptions of relics, which is the reason many people stay away from their veneration or even associating with them. Many have left the Catholic Church because of this Veneration of Relics as some of them claim that it directly contravenes the First Commandment.

Does it?


  • Whatever Sacred or religious item you have, should be used with the image of God in mind; the God who gave that person the power to perform such great miracles. The God who created that item, the person, and the image of such a person.
  • We worship God for him and him alone. We ‘venerate’ the relics of the Saints as a special honour accorded that Saint as one who worshiped God in Spirit and truth and pray and aspire to be like that person who has gone before us into the presence of God.


  1. People misuse these relics and attribute to them the worship due to God, the Creator of all things, alone.
  2. They receive one miracle by asking for intercession from a particular Saint and begin to worship the Saint
  3. They cling to a relic and refuse to let it go


Saints and their relics help us to aspire to Holiness by learning about their lives.

If I want to sell to you a fat burning pill, you are more likely to buy these pills after hearing the transformation stories and seeing pictures of people who used these pills that it worked for over been told ‘blandly’ about the pills. True or True?

So, relics, images and the likes of them engrave in our minds, the image of God. It informs us that God really exists, that the worship of him is true and that there is great reward for those who worship him

Also, when we pray before these relics and the likes of them, our hearts are lifted up and attuned in prayer, over when we stare at a blank wall.


Like I said, I drew my inspiration from the video at the beginning.


In the video, the great Dr. Bola Are narrated how she was summoned (in the Spirit) to Ede to meet with her ‘great Father in the Lord’ whose prayer changed her life forever, who prayer raised her from the ‘dunghill to sit with Princes’.

She narrated her ordeal as follows; I was Summoned by the Spirit to go to Ede, in Osun State, Nigeria that my father (I believe this is the great Samuel Oladeji a.k.a. Baba Abiye) was about to embark on a journey. I hurried to Osun State and met my father and related to him that; “Dear Father, the Spirit summoned me that you were about to embark on a journey”. He replied; “Yes, Yes, Yes”. Father, you have just responded in English language, where are you travelling to? America? UK?” He replied; “Yes, I am about to embark on a journey”. I saw he was serious and he meant it, he continued to speak and I saw he was very serious about it, so, I embraced him tightly and said; where are you going Father, who is going to be a Father to me, who is going to pray for me? Who will I find that will be my friend, my confidant? To which he replied; “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him”. Since the day my father left, I have never seen or met any like him.

I got tensed and held on to his clothes tightly, my father took off the ‘agbada'(outer garment) and handed it over to me saying; “since you have held on tightly to this garment, have it, take it with you; you can go with it”.

I have never gone out with this garment before today, but this morning as I was preparing to come to my Father’s Prayer Mountain; the Baba Abiye Prayer Mountain, as I was about to pick something from my wardrobe, the garment fell off, I had always been careful with this garment before now and kept it securely. Then, I heard a voice saying; “I want to perform great works, I want to wrought great miracles like I wrought in the time of of your father, go with this garment to the Holy Mountain because today will be different!”

When I slept,I heard the voice of my father;”Bola,take the garment with you,that is what the angels have said,because when you get to the mountain,it will not be you they will see, it will be the God of Babalola,of Orekoya,of Baba Abiye they will see”.

So, Baba Abiye‘s garment with the great Dr. Bola Are is a relic.


There is a thin line between ‘Idolatry and Veneration of the Relics of Saints’. Veneration of Saints, Holy Items of worship and relics that have ‘crossed the line’ is Idolatry.


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