🎵You are great, Yes, you are mighty God, you walked upon the seas, you raised the dead🎵

🎵Abanirin kuya tan, Arugbo Igba ni🎵

🎵Olowogbogboro is turning things around🎵

🎵Ore bi Jesu ko si laye yii🎵

🎵O le iku wo gbo, O le arun wo’le, ko maa gbagbe emi Omo re rara, Ope ye o o Baba🎵

All of these are snippets from some of my favorite songs. You see, I love Praise and worship and I could spend hours singing and praising God.

God is awesome, God is kind, God is good! God is priceless, God is an infinite being. God is a waymaker.

Many people call God several names. Many people find that it’s easier to praise God when everything works well; when there is shelter, love, abundance, no worries.

People will say; “wow, she is blessed”, “wow, he is blessed”.

You see, it’s easier to Praise God when everything works well, when he fulfills both our needs and our wants, right?

To ba yi gere nko? What if things turn around?

What if things go from best to better to good to bad to worse to worst? Will you still praise God?

Will you still call him names? Sweet names?Will you still worship him?Will you still tell people about him?

Will you try to bargain with him?

I think one of the most positive minded people I have ‘encountered’ is Pastor Joel Osteen. Each tweet from him reminds you of who God is to you and how, drawing from this knowledge, you should relate better with him.

God is that unfailing help in time of need.

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