The Holy Rosary; shaped like a sword is a ‘weapon’ meant to give protection against the wiles and works, the whims and caprices and the evil machinations of the evil one.

Praying the Holy Rosary is like reliving the life of Jesus.

Praying the Rosary devotedly illuminates our paths and delivers us from impending evils.

Though seriously criticized through the ages, it remains the most powerful yet simple, the most effective yet condemned prayers in the world today.

The Holy Rosary remains my favorite prayer!

Through devotedly praying the Rosary, I have won battles that seemed insurmountable.

I have won favors.

I have been protected while on dangerous journeys. I have been reunited with my loved ones.

I have been inspired to write great pieces and connect with people who live in far islands, in places I may never even visit.

I have been protected from losing my morals and departing from the path of righteousness.

The Lord has really protected me.

The prayers of the Holy Rosary is like a Compass and believing strongly in it ensures that you never miss your step in this world and ensures you are on the path to heaven

Gbogbo aye gbe Jesu ga, Angeli, ewo le fun: All Hail the Power of Jesus name, let angels prostrate fall….

Whole battles have been won and confidence restored just by the reciting of the Holy Rosary.

What makes the prayers of the Holy Rosary so powerful though?

The prayers contained in the Holy Rosary, are ‘the words of God’! God honours his words more than ours because he’s not a man, he cannot fail.

God is not a man that he should lie, I think in a bid to be closer to us, he gave us the prayers of the Holy Rosary, so that each time we say the prayers devotedly; bonds may be broken, miracles may happen and all knots may be loosed. Amen! Amen!



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