Good evening this evening, I have come again.

This topic has been on my mind all day.

I don’t know if it’s because I watched a music video of one of the Children of a Minister-of-God I hold in high esteem and thought to myself;

What exactly is this?!

I will pass

I thought to myself; “It’s not compulsory to do Christian music if it’s not your calling! You can make music and shoot its video without calling the name of ‘Jesus’ and not commit sin!”

Look, Christianity is a Culture, it’s a way of life; it entails our attitude within and outside the Church. It shows how much of Christ we are able to imbibe and show forth in our daily lives even when we are performing our regular activities!

Christianity is not about ‘going to heaven or hell’, it’s not about ‘good or evil’, or ‘setting people right’, Christianity is about Love! To be a Christian, is to be perpetually in Love; in Love with your brother through whom you see and show love to the God you do not see

Christianity is to be like Christ, to live life everyday with Christ as a model.

Being born-again is not about ‘accepting Christ as your Lord and personal Savior’, it’s about taking the waters of baptism (a spiritual though physical exercise) that imparts an indelible mark on us; making us children of God and members of the Church. John 3:3-5)

I dare to add that the waters of baptism makes us a formidable force; a terror to the Kingdom of darkness.


If you are a very lazy reader, let me tell you the summary of this whole write-up, so you don’t have to read to the end.

Nowhere is it written, that you must be a ‘Minister of God’ because your father is a ‘Minister’!

Yes, that’s the Summary

No where is it written that you must be a Christian musician just because your mother or father is one! No where is it written that you must be a ‘Pastor’ just because your Father is one!

Call to Ministry requires “an unction to function”

This Unction to Function will form the crux of our discussion this evening.

Before we begin, we will pray this simple prayer:

We Pray;

“Go before us, O Lord, in this discussion of faith which we are about to embark on. Ignite in our Hearts a fervent love for you and in you, may we discover all that we seek outside of ourselves and come to recognize the ministry to which you have called us and provided the ‘Unction for us to Function’. This we ask and pray through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.” Amen

establishment of the priesthood


28 “Have Aaron your brother brought to you from among the Israelites, along with his sons Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, so they may serve me as priests. Exodus 28:1

“Then you shall ordain Aaron and his sons. Exodus 29:9

These words were spoken by God to Moses when He made a pact with Moses that Aaron (of the tribe of Levi) and his sons were to be Priest unto him forever. Of course, they were free to marry, they were just consecrated specially for offering of sacrifices on behalf of the people to God and offering atonement for their own sins.


The letter to the Hebrews Chapter 7 opens with;

This Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High. Hebrews 7:1

Who is this Melchizedek that took a tenth of Abraham’s offering? Surely, Only the Priests are authorized to take a tenth offering?

This letter to the Hebrews makes us understand that the Priesthood of Melchizedek the High Priest prefigures the Priesthood of Christ, for Melchizedek had no genealogy or ancestral link to the tribe of Levi.

I hope you know Jesus is a Priest and that Jesus belongs to the tribe of Judah.

17 For it is declared: “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” 18 The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless 19 (for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. Hebrews 7:17-19

The purpose of this new Priesthood is that we should ‘draw closer to God’.

 21 but he became a priest with an oath when God said to him: “The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: ‘You are a priest forever.’” 22 Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantor of a better covenant. Hebrews 7:21-22

 27 Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.  28 For the law appoints as high priests men in all their weakness; but the oath, which came after the law, appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever. Hebrews 7: 27-28

Every Priest that has been ordained have been ordained according to the order of Melchizedek, the Priesthood of Christ.

All those who ‘picked up their Bible’ and who ‘God revealed something to’ and ‘started an evangelical outreach program’ are able to do this because of the abolishment of the first kind of Priesthood; the Levitical Priesthood.


Has your Father been called into Ministry? Did he receive the unction to function as a Minister? Good-a-thing! You are lucky to be the child of a Minister.

I know many of your Church members will expect you to ‘be like him’ or even expect you to take over from him but you got to step back and ask yourself;

Have I received the Unction to Function?

Why is it important to ask yourself this question?


So, you do not have to be a Pastor because your Father is one. The Priesthood has been specially set aside for those who have received a call and these who receive this call also receive the ‘unction to function’ in their Priestly office.

Have you received a call? Have you received the call? Okay, you received the call, what is your apostolate? What did God call you to? 1 Samuel 3, Exodus 3, Acts 9, 1 Kings 19.

These verses entail the call of Samuel, the call of Moses, the call of St. Paul, the call of Elisha. Each of these were called by God in different ways and for different purposes.

To discern if you are truly called, you got to have an apostolate (the evangelistic work you have been called to function in). There is no call without an ‘apostolate’.

God can not call you to; “start your own Church”. The same Jesus who prayed; “that they may be One” cannot call you just for the purpose of starting your own Church.


  • Have I been called?
  • What is my Apostolate?
  • Have I received the Unction to function, to satisfy my Apostolate?


What I have just described above should be the ‘ideal’, right? It should be the ‘norm’, right? but is that the case?

I guess; No!

Some have been coerced into ministry, others have willfully joined Ministry, by their works you shall know them, by the fruits of these ‘Unctionless Ministries’, you can easily tell them apart. Many are feed-the-belly, others are fill-the-pocket ministries

May God deliver us! May we not be them and may we not ever come across them! Ise!

What comes to my mind now is the event narrated in Leviticus 10:1-2

Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command. So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord.  Leviticus 10:1-2

Since Nadab and Abihu; sons of Aaron were ordained Priests along with Aaron the high Priest, they believed they could do as they pleased, they wanted to ‘modernize their father’s ways‘, they wanted to be a step ahead of God and went and acted in full knowledge of their actions and profaned God’s Holy name.

What happened? fire issued from the Lord’s presence and consumed them.

Is this happening today?

The God of the ancient times will immediately strike dead anyone who misbehaves, but the God of today has been appeased by the blood of his Son; our Lord Jesus Christ and relents on his anger.

But what do you know; ‘many Sons of Aaron’ are actually running a ‘dead ministry’ today; as fire has come forth from the Lord’s presence and consumed them and their ministries which offer profanity in the Lord’s presence.

It’s the reason you go into some Church halls and cannot even tell a difference between what happens in a disco gathering and the gathering of God’s people; the temple of the Most High God.

Everything has been ‘modernized’, but should this take away the ‘essence’ of a Holy place of Worship?

You go to Churches such as these; “to be entertained, to feel good”. Should we not go to Church to ‘receive an unction to function’ in daily living?

Talks about God, his Love, his kingdom, evangelization are pushed to the back-burner and the focus is on ‘what God can do for you’, on his miracles and his relentless forgiveness.

Some ‘Sons of Aaron’ are organizing a club ministry, a social evangelization programme, a cult where you have to preach a certain way, talk a certain way, give money a certain way to belong.

A Ministry driven by the head not from the heart and mind; a Ministry where the presence of God does not abide.

Cottage Ministries that you cannot find anywhere outside that locality.

I remember on one Ash Wednesday, I was on a Sea Cruise by @princesscruises. I believed because the Catholic Church was such a universal Church, a Priest will be brought onboard to give us Ashes, that was not the case, but the Ship was going to berth at Sint Maarten that day.

Immediately the ship berth, I began my search for a Catholic Church, right there on the Island, I found one and received Ash!

Think about the Church you so fight for, the ministry you have been expending your energy on, what is the fate of this Ministry after your demise, after the founder’s demise? Is this Ministry dependent solely on you? Does it usher a special grace? an unction to function?

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