For four weeks (of Advent), we prepared.

Four weeks of levelling the high mountains of our hearts, making the crooked paths straight and preparing a way for the Lord; our King. Finally, he arrived like a long awaited guest; on the 25th of December, 2019.

The Celebrant is here.

What did you do differently?

What did his presence prevent you from doing?

I will share mine with you.


Last week Tuesday; 19th of December, 2019, I was on my way back from the market when I had a motorbike accident.

I wept like a child because I had been very careful since the last accident I had on the 26th of September, 2019 and because my dad’s birthday party is coming up on the 1st of January, 2020! You know how Yoruba parties are, with all the extra pepper.

Moving away from that, I thought of many other things; scarring and all…

On the 24th of December, 2019, I got a prompting from my Spirit that I was going for Mass on Christmas day, I just wondered how I was going to make it.

The next morning, I hailed a taxi (Uber) at 6:45 a.m. The app showed me the driver was only 7 minutes away. I thought that was perfect!

So, I made my way to the bus-stop (on a motorbike again) to meet up with my driver.

Do you know I got to the pick-up point and the @ubernigeria driver had picked another passenger and driven off? On Christmas morning and with an injured leg? What sort of temptation is this?

I tried calling so many times, he refused picking my calls, after about 6 attempts, he just sent a text to tell me he was on another trip.

You don’t mean it! Wherein did I offend you?

The only place I could stand at the park to hail another taxi was occupied by a bunch of motor park touts engaged in illicit behavior.

I managed to a corner and sat, while I ordered, ride after ride on Uber, Bolt (Taxify) and Ocar all to no avail, the drivers were either very far away or refused coming citing bad roads.

I started saying; “Jesus, you know my leg is paining me when you prompted me to come out o, I will return home o”

eheheh, see a bush geh threatening the Celebrant and on his birthday too?

Around 7:30a.m., a miracle occurred! I got a driver! He was a young with an athletic build, he practically flew the car like a pilot! I got to Church at about 8:30 a.m.

At this time, all the readings had been taken and the Priest; Fr. Amosun had begun the homily.

Fr. Anthony Amosun has zero tolerance for lateness! In fact, he abhors it, if it was possible to flog late-comers or make them serve a ‘stricter’ punishment, Fr. would have done just that. He never fails to give us a lecture at Mass how ‘coming to Mass late is synonymous with not taking God seriously’.

So, I went up to the Church’s ‘gallery’ to sit even though I had never sat there before, I could not stand through the homily. When the homily was over, the Welcoming Minister/Church Warden (usher) made us get up to fill the empty pews.

I occupied mine, I was just settling in when I realized I was occupying a seat in the ‘Choir’s stand‘.

That was how I became an impromptu Chorister! Wow! The choristers get to stand more than every other person at Mass.

I enjoyed it! I sang and danced like I had never done before! I wish the Choristers can permit me to sit with them every Sunday.

Immediately after the Mass, I was about returning home, when I realized that I could not give God a ‘half Mass‘ on his birthday.

So, I decided to attend the 2nd Mass prompted by the fact that the Parish Priest; Monsignor P.N. was the Celebrant. Monsignor gives very insightful homilies. The homilies are so well structured that; I can share with others everything he shared with us at Mass even without writing anything down.

The Co-celebrating Priest at Mass; one of Monsignor’s friend’s, a Formator at the Ss. Peter and Paul, Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, preached the Homily.

So, before the final blessings, Monsignor made an announcement that he needed ‘someone who could help him push something to the media’. He said; although, he knew some already ‘established people in the media’, that he will contact those ones, he needed other young people who could volunteer and meet up with him after Mass.

I thought why not?! If the Priest needs help with Pushing something to the Media, I can help! Even though, I do not have a large following on Social Media, I have been able to get my work to over 82 countries of the world and counting. I have been able to get 95% response from big brands and big people with big following anytime I needed to. So, I can help Father, right?

So, after Mass, struggling, with my injured right leg, I went to meet the Priest.

Good afternoon, Monsignor. He looked at me and I said; “you said you needed help with pushing something to the media”. Looking amused, he asked me; “are you in the media?”, I replied; “No, I own a blog”. Now, looking even more amused; “how many followers do you have? I replied; “it’s not about the number of followers, but the number of views”

With a look of exasperation almost like; “you don’t fit the bill”, almost like I had come to him for a job interview, he turned to talk to the next person, he immediately got a piece of paper to get the person’s details.

While I waited patiently, almost like I was waiting for ‘an admission decision’, he made to engage in conversations, while I stood. Later, he asked someone to get him a pen for me to add my name to the list.

One of the Mass servers also engaged him in banter of how he could help him, he immediately asked him same question and the young man replied that; he had about a thousand followers. With a cynical smile, he exclaimed; “I am looking for someone with millions of followers, you, you are talking one thousand here.”

I turned, making my way back to the Church, to seat and hail a taxi back home.

By this time, there was a terrible surge on @Ubernigeria, making the fees about 3 times its original price, so I opted for Bolt, I tried for so long, with the Drivers rejecting my ride one after the other, citing distance.

I did not want to use Public transportation because of my injured leg.

Eventually, I hobbled to the front of the Church, I was still trying to navigate how I will cross Admiralty road, as quickly as possible, when a Toyota Jeep parked, he reversed to meet me, I just turned my face, then he asked; “can you please give me a description to; ‘The Palms’?”

I thought; why not help this man with what I already do virtually? As a @googlemaps local guide, I help people online find their way around and make better informed decisions before visiting a place by contributing, making reviews and answering questions. #christmasday

So, I described “The Palms” for the Man, then he asked; “are you going in the same direction?” I replied honestly; “Yes”. He said; “Okay, come in”. I refused saying; “I don’t know you, so, how can I possibly follow you?” He responded; “there is no problem, I am a car dealer, please come in”. I regarded him slowly, then looked at the vehicle, no plate numbers and it had the “for sale sticker, please contact ….(his phone numbers) on it”.

So, I thought, let me oblige him, at least I will be able to lead him to his destination. After all, the star led the ‘three wise men’ from the East to the birth place of the child Jesus, why not me?

We got talking and I explained to him what I experienced while trying to get a ride and he told me; “give me the details, let me put it on @twitter”. I smiled and thought; that will not be necessary.

I led him to ‘The Palms’@shoprite_ng and alighted as soon as he made the turn. I was faced with another challenge; I had two options to get to the other side of the road where I could get a bus that will take me to my destination;

  1. Take the Pedestrian Bridge. This would have proved a horrendous task for me because of my ailing leg
  2. crossing the road; extremely dangerous and the likelihood of getting apprehended by the traffic officials (a.k.a. LASTMA) was highly probable

So, I opted for a motorbike. I hailed an operator, he picked me and we crossed the road on his motorbike. I paid him.

By the time, I will arrive home at about 4:40 p.m, all I could do was sleep. When I woke up by 6:50 p.m., there was no meat, the Jollof Rice had lost its freshness, the Fried rice had become stale, I managed about 5 spoons of the food and proceeded to watch Zeeworld.

Do you know what amazed me?

I was not angry! I had an attitude of joy and peace through it all.

The Light has come. It is only this light that can enlighten the darkness, not just of our minds but of our lives. Things that may get you ‘uptight’ on a regular day, will just leave you smiling and acting like ‘it’s nothing’.

Have you seen the light? Have you felt his presence? Have you shared this Light with others?

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