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One day I was surfing through Instagram ‘Explore’ and I saw this post by Mr. Wale Jana; C.E.O., Sapphire Scents.

I was instantly wowed at such a thing as a ‘Social Media Evangelist‘, more than been wowed the title, I loved the message and the way Mr. Wale Jana encouraged others to do likewise.

I was also amazed by your work ethics sir; like someone turned a 30,000 naira (about $83) to a multi-million naira business and enjoys the patronage of people across the three economic classes; enjoying patronage from both the poor and the rich.

I also loved the way you always went on and on about your ‘wife and children’, like family and keeping good relationship is very essential to you.

Eet coman make marriage toe bee hungrying me

I took an instant liking to Mr. Wale Jana and made him a role model of some sort. I looked forward to reading his ‘inspirational articles’.

Some time in September, 2018, you announced this Grand opening, I was very excited for you, sir especially as you planned to unveil a new brand ambassador; the Queen of the just concluded Big Brother Double Wahala; Cynthia Nwadiora a.k.a. Cee-c

Many of us anticipated the event, as it was going to be another opportunity to show the world that there was indeed something ‘very special’ about @official_Ceec #theinfluencersinfluencer

As one not to stay away from drama and create unnecessary stir when things don’t go your way, you put up Posters of all the people that were going to be at your event, you put up a poster of Chief Tope Adenibuyan and Bamike Adenibuyan popularly known as Teddy-A and Bam-bam.

This did not go down well with Teddy-A, who asked you to take down their posters from your page. I (don’t) know what must have led to it but you flew into a rage!

One word that stood out for me from your ‘vituperation’ was ‘Omo Ale jatijati‘!

Clearly, I was ‘shook’ like ‘ahnahn, Kila gbe, kile ju, ko le toyen now!’

I consoled my ‘role-model-ego, man-like-wale-jana, the billionaire perfumer’ esteem with; “He is a Social Media Evangelist and does not tolerate immorality, he is irked by the fact that Teddy-A thinks he will include him on his launch date after committing a ‘heinous crime'”

Although, my Church mind kept signalling; “this approach is more traditional than Christian, Christ won’t do this”, but I let it slide sha, because if I like someone, I like the person ni and present all my mumu buttons to be pressed with reckless abandon. Mr. Wale Jana, twist my brain, it’s fine. We believe you scatter.

Some days or months later, I don’t know how long (just saw the apology tonight), but Mr. Wale was out with this;


Mr. Wale Jana, you ‘liked’ Teddy-A and Bam-bam but was only angry, dug up history and spat venom because Teddy-A vehemently refused and rejected your advances initially.

The event came and a ‘heavily-criticized’ Cee-c was welcomed and unveiled as your brand ambassador amidst pomp and pageantry! It was a Grand-opening!

Cee-c’s very strong fan base; “The Spartans” which spans across territorial boundaries and continents flocked to purchase your goods, because the #KingCeec as styled by her and endearingly called by her fans flocked to purchase from you #kingceec #spartans

That’s Cee-c in Blue

It was the star dust effect and many will do just about anything for Cee-c to shame those who said she would never make it outside the House.


Cee-c had just survived and was still surviving a terrible back-lash from an Online community who were determined to pull her down. She received an onslaught for her seeming ill-treatment of her love interest in the Big brother House, her seeming overbearing attitude and Pride. Many could see through all these fickle things that people saw about Cee-c and vowed to stand by her.

Now, I think of it; could this possibly be what you used Cee-c and her very strong fan base; the Spartans for?

As of the time Cee-c joined Sapphire Scents, Madam Tonto Dikeh (a.k.a. Tontolet) was your most recognizable brand ambassador and a very strong pillar which you yourself have mentioned that you can never talk about your success story without mentioning her..

You both attend the same gathering and worship at the same centre under a common head.

I kid you not, I never knew about Sapphire Scents until Cee-c became a brand ambassador, if you think this is not true, please ask other people too.

Tonto, being a Celebrity and an ace actor gave your product and brand ‘credibility’, many people believe Tonto die, that if Tonto is associated with something, it must be real and good because we know how very straightforward Tonto is and how she almost wears her heart on her sleeve. She not get secret

This same strenght of Tonto also has become her weakness, many people know why. Cee-c on the other hand; people are willing to even give an arm and a leg for. The combination of the two Kings on your brand filled a Vacuum even you cannot deny!

In as much as I do not want to bring this up, I have to; because this was what made me ‘break up with you’.


In all honesty, I feel your pain sir. If anybody dare comes for any of the leaders of the Church I worship!

Ahhhhh! Imma be going berserk on that person and roasting that person alive even without an army!

The Madam had brought up something unthinkable about the man you have allowed to shepherd you! It hurt I know.

A woman went and gave a 3-part interview lasting over 3 hours if I remember correctly and you went and made a foolery of her, made a mockery of her marriage and made nonsense of her statement and in the most ridiculous way! You dug up things about her that many people never knew!

You know this event reminds me of the story of Jesus and the “Woman who was caught in the ‘very act of adultery‘”. First, I wonder why it was only the woman who was caught or who they felt should receive the ‘death sentence’ but truth is; it’s the way our society functions!

The woman has to bear the brunt of so many things; lies, calumny and falsehood spread against her and often times, she has to bear it all!

Of all the people that replied you or put up a post to castigate you on your ‘rant about Busola’s interview and your insensitivity towards a married woman who had come out after such a long period of time to ‘tell her truth and share it with the world and have it documented’; Juliet Ibrahim’s (Ghanian actress’) stood out for me even though Cee-c was one of them, let’s put Cee-c’s own at one side.

Vehemently, you shot back at her, that she was only against you, because she had been ‘lobbying’ to be one of your brand ambassadors and you disagreed!

I cannot believe my eyes and ears! What?!

I hurt, I cried during this period, because I could relate with Busola’s story!

Of course, people came for you! I have a copy of your litany of allegations against Busola, but I will not pull it up.

But your apology letter, I will pull up;

As our Senior Journalist Mummy @kemiolunloyo usually dates her work, I will date this your apology for you; 29th of June, 2019. I remember it was done in the afternoon because I kept on refreshing your page to see what you will do.

the apology

The last line of your apology reads;

Please accept my apology and I will be more sensitive in the future


What’s the current situation?

A. Some of you women are number 3rd wives and number 7 girlfriend

B. Signing the wrong Ambassador

Are you seriousl? You used the word; “wrong ambassador” for Cee-c? With this singular sentence you ‘really played yourself’!

Like, Cee-c is a wrong ambassador?

  1. Your timing was very wrong; 30th of December! Many people want to make up with people they had issues with during the year. Not you, you chose this time to raise dust
  2. It took a while for the onslaught against Cee-c to die down; people had begun to recognise Cee-c as brand-influencer, Boss lady, goal-getter, supremely-focused. Many people had forgotten about the “Cee-c that quarelled with everyone in the Big Brother House”. You brought those memories back
  3. You opened up wounds
  4. You called her a one-year old Celebrity, rightfully she is. Please remind me how many years “Wizkid” and “Davido” have been in the music industry? How can you joyfully make these comparisons? Is it about the number of years or the impact the person is able to make?

In humility, she took a break from social media, to breathe some air and avoid all the dragging, I hope you got what you wanted too as You ended the year on that note…

Just know that; we already know your style;

  1. You source for a female who everyone is talking about, insulting or trying to bring down who has just been broken in some way but is determined to hold her own
  2. You sign her on to push your brand
  3. As one who you have done such a great favour for and ‘accepted’ when every other person was looking down on them, they tend to want to listen to you.

That’s why you have more women than men in your circle and should anyone try to talk you down, you quickly rip the person apart!

Mr. @walejana we already know your style; You source for a female who everyone is talking about, insulting or trying to bring down or who has just been broken in some way but is determined to hold her own, so they tend to always listen to you and do your will #theficklesapphirescentsceo #theinconsistentmrwalejana

“Cee-c is a wrong brand ambassador” my foot!

Mr. Wale Jana; Billionaire Perfumer with the two industry heavyweights; Cee-c and Tontolet in Dubai


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