MONSTRANCE – Church Wardens

Praestet fides supplementum, sensuum defectui

The word made flesh… and dwelt among us

If you have ever been harassed in Church by an Usher, a Welcoming Minister, a Church warden, a man, a woman, a religious or a Priest, this post is for you. If you have done the ‘harassing’, this post is for you too.

So, some days ago I was at Mass, I had just received Communion and was making my way to my seat when I passed in front of a Church warden (welcoming minister/Usher) when he muttered some curse words in one of the Nigerian ethnic languages at me!


Unbelievable! Why? because he believes females are not to wear trousers. He tried initially to ‘drive the women who wear trousers’ away from the Church, then he got suspended from the Board of Church wardens and one of the terms of his readmission was to ‘keep his personal opinion to himself’!

Even though he cannot ‘act on his impulse’ anymore, he still gives off some attitude anytime anyone who ‘flouts’ this rule passes by him.


What options did I have? I mean I had just received my Lord.

  1. Should I have hurriedly swallowed the Host and proceeded to reply him?
  2. Should I have stopped and given him a dirty slap?
  3. Should I have ignored that I had just become a ‘receptacle’ for my Lord and shot right back at him?
  4. Should I have hit back at him, maybe with a gesture or with my eyes?
  5. Should I have waited till Mass was over to respond to him?
  6. Should I have reported him to the Priest? the council or his Superior?

Now you are getting impatient, I just smiled and walked off as elegantly as possible; “eniyan o ki n gbe erin ru, ko ma fi ese wu iho okete“. I am not sure if I quoted this Yoruba proverb well which literally translates to: “A person does not carry an elephant (as spoils from a hunting expedition) and begin to use his toes to dig a hole in search of a Grasscutter/Bushrat (as bush meat)

A big apology in advance to the ‘Animal rights Activists’. The two animals used to be hunted as meat for food and that’s the origin of the proverb.


A Monstrance is a Sacred Vessel often made of Gold used in holding the Sacred Host.

In Simple terms, when people want to spend some quiet time adoring our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, this vessel is used as that receptacle; it has a glass in the center such that everyone can see our Lord present under the appearance of bread; the work of Man’s hands.

I know none of us will argue today that Jesus Christ is not the Communion we eat because obviously, we have passed that stage,right? and our Lord has answered all our questions in John 6 especially 52-59.

In my mind, I am thinking, this vessel was created more out of compulsion than out of convenience.

I believe that the Church in her wisdom opined that; after being fed, people will want to come back, so provisions had to made for all those who would come back to gaze upon him of whom they have been fed. This is essentially my thought and nothing else.

Hence, the Monstrance is essentially a receptacle that holds up our Lord for Eucharistic adoration.


These are the Ushers. They are the ones who ensure order in the Church. We are grateful to them for their work.

As a warden or an Usher, we need to watch what we do and how we act in Church particularly towards people.

MONSTRANCE -The Church Warden

The Monstrance holds up the Sacred Host; the Eucharist; the Holy Communion, the Body of our Lord under the appearance of bread.

The Person who has just received the Holy Eucharist, carries in her hand or in her mouth; the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you fall prostrate when the Priest carries the Monstrance past you as a sign of reverence for our Lord present in this Monstrance, how much more when a Human; a creation of God made in the very image of God bears this Sacred Host.

I think you should adore the very ground on which someone who has just received communion passed. *Now, that’s exaggerating* But, I know you understand what I mean.

You pay respect to our Lord by respecting man whom he created in Love and dwells with in Love.

You pay respect to our Lord by adoring Jesus even in the person that has just received him on the altar, no matter how much of a sinner you think that person is.

Doing otherwise is disrespecting our Lord!



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