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Today, I will love to introduce to you someone very special, a multi-talented personality who controls a large share of the entertainment industry; NANCY ISIME. Nancy is a 5’11” of pure goodness who has a slice in almost every sphere of the entertainment industry.I mean; “how many entertainers cut across the spheres of acting, presenting, hosting, modelling, etc. and are good at every one of these?” Nancy is so good that she is the highly sought after.

Now, join the Former First lady of the United States of America; Mrs. Michelle Obama, one of the strongest black women to ever walk the face of the earth and all of us as we dive into NANCY ISIME’s fabulous world…


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Nancy at Maldives

No, that’s not a statue, it’s a Human (person) of 5’11” goodness. She is Nancy Isime; an Actor, a TV Host, a model, a brand influencer among many other things. @nancyisime

whY nancy isime?

For me; what essentially defines a Human is the ability to; “be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it”; the ability to fulfill this divine mandate. Are you bearing fruits? are you multiplying seeds? Are people around the world feeling your impact?

Nancy Isime, at an age when many are yet to make up their minds about a Career goal, has already fulfilled the divine mandate.


I believe one of the ways of knowing a good person is how much they take their time out to celebrate other people and the sacrifice they make in doing so.

I encountered Nancy’s beautiful heart through this endearing message to her friend and co-actor; Mr. IK Ogbonna on his birthday.

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My Day 1 Gee! My Baby girl!๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm gonna write an epistle for you today because you deserve it๐Ÿ˜‚. We've been friends for almost a decade now, right from my early modeling days with my grade 1 Okrika clothes,sponge hair, bad skin, koin koin shoes๐Ÿ˜‚, you were never ashamed to affiliate yourself with me. Any audition we happened to find ourselves in together, you must make sure we stand/go in together so my chances of getting noticed will be higher๐Ÿ˜‚.Especially those wicked point and kill auditions๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚. IK the supermodel!๐Ÿ˜‚ When Acting became the new dream, you readily encouraged me and would refer me for roles everytime you get the chance. You're one of the kindest,selfless, non-judge mental people I know…Always defending and wanting the best for everyone around you, regardless of their status in your life. Last year, while filming "disguise", I watched you beat up a man who randomly slapped/attacked a female receptionist all because she asked for her money. You didn't have to know her…You just jumped in, locked the man in your armpit and FINISHed HIM!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Oshey! Defender of the helpless!๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm super proud of all your achievements! Super proud to call you my friend and Big Brother. I pray that you live a Long, Happy, fulfilled life regardless of how that may look to people. You deserve the very best. Go and conquer the world my nigga! Happy birthday!๐ŸŽŠ

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That year, I read the message over and over again. I had seen a couple of the young man’s movies and I thought; he was just one of the ‘boys’ of the ‘Playboy Mansion’ and nothing else! But reading from Nancy, changed my view of him.

Nancy, with her beautiful heart was able to recreate the image of IK Ogbonna not just in my mind but in the minds of many others who only ‘knew’ IK from a distance.

As far as I know, Nancy has not been embroiled in any form of battle with her fellow thespians or other entertainers in her industry talk more of being involved in a major scandal. I mean if you are seeing Nancy’s name somewhere, it’s because she’s goals of some sort; a model to constantly remind you that; “even you can”.

If you think what was the big deal about Nancy’s message to IK on his birthday? Look what happened a year later…

It’s the Nancy effect; my people call it ‘totori‘; which means; make me feel good.

Nancy is simply unforgettable and it’s all thanks to her beautiful heart.


Many people in Nancy’s shoes, will stick to modelling and whatever came from it, not Nancy! She knew she could be more and she worked towards it.

She knows she can be more and persistently, she works towards doing just that;

Becoming more…

From being a “struggling model wearing secondhand clothes“, Nancy now models and is a brand ambassador for Makari de Suisse, from being a TV Host, Nancy now produces and hosts her own TV show; the Nancy Isime Show and with very clean graphics too!

What’s more Nancy now has her own Studio…

Like an Eagle, Nancy has spread her wings, she is ready to take on the world and subdue it, she’s done with Nigeria now and moving to the world stage.

Watch out for Nancy; Nancy2020 Edition, O ma bahdt gan!

Nancy Pour Makari. Ce sont ses cheveux. N’est-elle pas adorable?


After God created man; we were told; Male and Female, He created them. He gave the injunction; “Be fruitful, multiply…”

We are told that; God SAW all that He had created and indeed it was very good! It was after this, that God rested.

You can’t pass by Nancy and not stop to see that “all that God created was very good”!

Even though Nancy is very beautiful (and handsome too, if I must say. lol), Nancy takes time out to take care of herself!

She takes care of her inner self, her mind, to ensure she is balanced and better able to take on the world through YOGA.

She takes care of her body by exercising!

She takes care of her skin! Once, I saw a post of Nancy of how she went to Ghana and partook of some traditional spa and how she is “all for glowing skin”.

Many people in Nancy’s shoe, may not bother to care for themselves anymore or look good, after all, there are now Make up and Photoshop techniques.

Nancy shows us that you can be a Boss lady and still look good, for God never made an exemption of one for the other.

Nancy laughs and smiles as there is no better medicine for the soul.

Nancy travels for ‘vacation’, to relax, to refresh, to rejuvenate, to recharge, so that she can come back ready to take on the world!

Finally, Nancy makes some time out for the Lord, the Creator of all things from whom we draw the very essence of our being; our own Love.


If you love to write long epistles, and you are not ‘working towards becoming an entrepreneur’, of what use is your lecture? You should suck in you lectures first before coming to deliver such to others.

Engineering the Entrepreneur in her; Nancy has been able to deliver two ventures that will see her acting in this role;

the NIP Studios

The Nancy Isime Show

We pray for the success of the two ventures.


With all that has been said so far, what is Nancy’s relationship status?

I can hear many echoing ‘I don’t Know’ but have you ever gone on Nancy’s page and heard her screaming ‘Feminist’ upandan? Have you gone on Nancy’s page and heard people asking her; “Nancy, when are you getting married?”

No, you rather find people praising her and asking questions about her Fashion, congratulating her about a deal on and on.


Nancy has developed such a healthy Self-Love; by so doing she has so raised the bar, that only a man who already knows himself, knows his place with God and knows what he is able to achieve can ‘persuade’ himself to reach out to her.

She has been able to develop such a healthy sense of self-worth that she can only attract her kind without giving attitude.


if you are wondering why I said Nancy is Handsome, check this out.

Some time ago, I came across this poster for DISGUISE the movie with coactor; IK Ogbonna where they switched genders.


Nancy has come to the full realization that before being woman, she is Human. She has set out to achieve all that God has destined her to be and inspires others to do the same.

Dear Nancy, keep doing you, keep being you, we love you and the sky is just your platform, because unlike the birds who fly, you are an Eagle.

Eagles soar, they don’t struggle with the current, they spread their wings and ride on these current, these lift them up, right above the clouds.

What the Lord will do for you, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard.

You remind me of the Champagne waterfall, an event during the “Captain’s Welcome Cocktail on @princesscruises. Each of us who climbed the dais was handed a bottle of champagne, we poured, took a picture while the others cheered on and it continued like that till everyone had comp

Champagne Water Fall on the Ruby Princess

Your life is like that; you cheer others on, you celebrate others, they pour good things into you and like fine wine, you age with grace and get better with age. Cheers to an even more beautiful 2020, Nancy Isime!



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