Often times, we sing; “Prayer is the Master Key”, what I really want to know is if most of us actually know the implication of this we sing.

What is prayer? “It is the lifting up of our hearts and minds to God”.

What is a Master key? A master key is a key that can open any lock!

So, what do these imply? Prayer is that, which can help us to overcome and solve any challenges.

This is the kind of confidence that we should have; that only “goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”

Song Title -Ayo
Artist – Simi

So, let’s loosen up a little and get into our minds to know why some of us do not even want to pray, or why some of us ‘feel that we do not know how to pray’, why some of us feel like there is a predetermined format for prayer.

What is our attitude to prayer? Contrary to popular opinion, God is not sitting like a Headmaster watching if you are following a particular format, rather, he is waiting for you to Come and just as you are!

So, you may want to know; “how do I pray?”

When do I pray? Will God listen to me? Like Zechariah, who wished something of the Lord, all you got to do is; ‘wish it’, more than granting your request, He will do even more than you request of him.

Have the attitude; “Jesus came for me”. When the Devil comes back to torment you concerning a sin you have already confessed and received forgiveness from the Lord for, remind him that ‘God has acquitted you’ and who the Lord sets free is free indeed.

Because He is in us, it is easier for us to communicate with him. Tell him about everything! He is your friend! Form a habit of prayer!

When you form a habit of prayer, you will have such joyful confidence and peace in the Lord that even when things do not work out; you remain happy!

And as we do this; we will not only form and join the Billionaire’s gang, but also the Prayer gang

If God heard the Prayer of King David immediately after committing adultery with Uriah’s wife and murdering her husband, what exactly do you think you have done that is preventing you from being open with your creator.

He loves you and excellently too. Never forget that.

To me a Prayer is like a Seed, once sown, which must blossom.

Every time you pray, take it like you just planted a seed, then, wait for it to grow not uproot it!

Keep in mind that the strongest and biggest trees take so long to grow but once they have sprouted and grown, they need whole bulldozers and caterpillars to uproot them.

When it seems like it’s taking so long for your prayers to be answered, think about this;

Do I want a Vegetable farm?

Or an Orchard that grows strong trees in which the birds of the air can take shelter?

You go to choose what you want.



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